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Sunday 13 July 2014

David McLean

mirror cracked --

it is mirrors cracked and time shattered
life & a fragment this is interstitial
like memory mostly

there are numbers & loveless
it is puppies tumbling forgotten
like socks are adequate an absence

for here the night is thirsty
& the thrifty sufferers
are living their terrible inches

still; it is memory was
& time to kill

the dreary dialectic --

sun comes up a dreary dialectic
dread is memory

electric; this is awkward bowls
always she is carrying to forever

an extravagant dishonesty, bad
faith and faces to replace

like one's own special singular death
a slice of heaven of watermelon

a memory stopping, some skin
invisible, forgotten

not to tamper --

we are not tampering with the absences
& ascesis is no longer knowledge
just the pathetic surrender
falling into gods and idiot;

we are missing things
& nothing is all this living

surrendering self --

we are not voting for all the corpses
but holding memory like a weapon
to fold tomorrow into paper hopeless
a forgotten absolution
as libation to all the nobodies gone//
a homeless god, an ego outgrown
flesh is rotting home

Aubade --

& the sun comes up
oblivion, we are leaving psychosis

here is day breaking, meletē
thanatou and nothing is, maybe, naked
sweet is certainty//

it is not bodies we are leaving
yet, except the sweaty

we are leaving grim ghosts
alone, the anxious unanswerable
& the outgrown madman//

thus are we absent

praemeditatio malorum --

& it has always happened already
the worst/

the unimaginable is not Lovecraft's
unnamable behind a gravestone
& cold

here is good grown homeless//
the duckling is pushed from the stick
by his siblings


the dead men are ignorant
already, we have never been them//
stop it is nothing,
a good thing

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