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Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Bled Sun--Michael Mc Aloran (Oneiros Books)

4 narrative prose novellas, 217 pages:

final fragments (2010)

dissipation (2010)

ever unto (2011)

from nowhere (2011)

'The Bled Sun is an exhibition of decay,the decay of mind and flesh. Throughout these set of narratives, the narrator is a dissolving self; the perception of dissipation – the combat of disintegration and the destruction of self; an unorthodox self-analysis that even the likes of Gherasim Luca would detract from. The language itself distorts and contorts with a voice of dishevelment. If words were ever to be scars they would be perfectly perpetrated by the mind of Mc Aloran. This is heat his most vitriolic; he vents pains like dissonant choirs on isolated plains poetic and ardent as so. His form(s) like bleeding cadavers in a vacuum; its body, its apparatus will indeed summon you into its void of ashen perils. The narrator does not express himself quietly, The Bled Sun screams at you with a discontent of provocation. Debatably, it’s an existential book of qualms however;the idealism of existentialism here is in itself, dying a slow death. There is immense vocal abnegation, an evaluation of annihilation; the experience of woe is illustrated in Mc Aloran’s words with an explicit power…yet, these words are the very marrow of its brilliance. '

--Craig Podmore


Michael Mc Aloran's new collection is a series of stunning prose poetry novellas that foreclose on the debt where the lesion was, the small scars in the places where meaning was torn from the broken body. The broken bodies are left to console themselves with alcohol, ejaculation, damaged words. Names do not apply to temporary fragmented things & love is a wound; wherever consolation is, it is not to be found among humans. It is not made of words. Get this book, it is not there to console you for anything or to render the night less murderous. There is no catharsis here, just the naked asshole of a dead god nailed spreadeagled across the sky to remind you of the nothing. & that is the only valid purpose of art."

--David McLean

The Bled Sun is available from Oneiros Books here

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