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Monday, 25 April 2016

In Arena Night from Michael Mc Aloran (Black Editions)

Experimental prose poetry of disintegration, voice, perception, sense and the consciousness of the ‘last human’, is available to purchase via Black Editions here

”Reading in arena night is like deciphering the code to a new reality. Traditional approaches to form, syntax and linguistics don’t apply any more. For Michael McAloran the perceived world is reduced to ‘no nothing in this yet I’; the question of existence, and of the arbitrary connection between language and things, is central to a work that is both a poem of rare beauty and a major philosophical treatise. One senses the approving spirits of Beckett, Bacon and Celan urging McAloran to ‘go on’, to draw us into a dimension through language and ideas that will tease and excite in the silence that haunts long after the book has been left down.”

Dr Arthur Broomfield, poet and Beckett scholar.

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