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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

at vacuum's edge -- Michael Mc Aloran (Black Editions)

at vacuum’s edge — Michael Mc Aloran

ISBN 9781326772123 — 36pp — E7.00 — available here

‘…skulled lest of held in an abort of tragedia skinned to precipice denounced/ all lapse here or other/ again/ once again/ some silence then breaking forth/ yet clamour of spinal outstretched in velvet sands flecked with blood (the) ruination of/ where one cannot go/ yet butcher’s laughter yes bellows’ laughter an ancient language of desire vibrating in meat-drenched bones an affluence collectively forgotten/ as pulse white bends in a holocaust of eradicate/ it is/ was is if unto is or of nor broke stone repetition forget forgotten/ flows ever-long/ as if to say that/ cracked knuckles viscous dreaming shadows a breathing else as if to say withstand where there is no longer any point of departure/ whispers collected in jaws agape hyenic laughter fragrant as rotting excrement blessed be some echoing chamber’s lie of whittled bone silences cease to be as it forever says what nocturnes to behold…’

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