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Friday 3 February 2012

Aad de Gids-

Touaregs Carcasses Lurexed 

out of a certain fashion conscience six touareg men decided to take a walk near the south of the Malian Adrar N'Fughas mountains
wearing the indigo coloured tagelmust not however,made of cotton but
for once,made of lurex,mail ordered via New York,Narciso Rodriguez,Inc.
someone with an arabic accent talked them into lurex which would hold
the deep nightcolour,the colour of indigo,electric indigo.[citation needed]
This color is approximately equivalent to the color of the CIE chromaticity
diagram at the 430 nanometer line”,better,deeper,more profound and
on top of that,speckled with lightreflecting, 
these seven touaregmen decided to take a stroll in the heat
of the day,which made them doubly contrarian,which no one in their right
minds ever would do,either north or south of the Malian Adrar N'Fughas
mountains,or in the Maghreb,it is not done,to undisputedly,go out in the
insanely soaring heat of the midday,in this mother of all deserts,the Sahara.
then unbeknownst to others these seven also were involved in this,as now
should become apparent,fatal fashion faux pas,to never wear lurex under
such relentless sun and even with the ancient navigational mappings in
their hearts seven proud and brave men eventually were lost and lurexed
on a Saharan nonpoint.


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