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Tuesday 3 July 2012

Teri Louise Kelly-


Put your pink bits away
theyre of no use here
spunky inked cowgirl
sucking the microphone tonight;
use an inanimate object of desire
a cocktail cherry
sway perilously
in a specimen jar
this is what you want;
taste your own incubation
build a hot house
sweat it out
bleed your poison away . . .
return to me as music
on the zephyrs
of nihilism.

Disjointed Birdlife In 101

Got nightingales to see me thru
the blues blacks & reds to blues again
back to insanity
where everything is just dandy Andy
like the underground, down in
but no more phallic rock jock
don’t need sedation, or accreditation;
i need recreational
insinuation on a 3-4 beat
to Leonard
kool for cats – stray
yes, the Chelsea hotel was all about head;
giving & taking it like distressed French liberty
but there’s no more room in 100 or 101
the pigs rule now
walk n talk just like us/
so i stand amazed wearing a strap on plastic vagina
though still unfazed by the 3 phase
all things are juxtaposed justice
as popular culture moulds on the agar plate
i hang in colloidal tetanus
stagnant in a nutrient broth
as Marie decays;
n hairy Mary dances on coals outside hell’s hallowed gates
the freaks enact the siege to mask the lies
on Pictionary nights
& at city lights;
so adieu to the east & the beast –
i’m going
where the buffalo roam
& the boys march a quickstep.


Dawn is the oligarch of all she surveys
dusk the portal to excess -
reversed exposure to unnatural
elements solder vanity.
The sun pisses radiation therapy
arteries throb in sync
oaths ride shotgun on empty carriages to chastity.
Eyes that never blink
witness hollow side effects.
The priest slides from grace
into a pewter of diabolic duty;
the whore meets the undertaker on equal terms.

In the abyss of sin absolution beckons beguilingly
light warps translucent succulents
sodden with moonlight & divine temptations
resistance fades as temperature cools
One night in shackles fades into myth.

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