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Monday 10 March 2014

Peter O' Neill

The Worm God

After Augusto Dos Anjos,

Translated in collaboration with Wylkys Weinhardt

Factor of universal transformation. 
Son of teleological matter.
In impoverishment or superabundance,  
Worm – is its baptismal name.

Freed from anthropomorphic clothes, 
It lives , a concubine for bacteria, 
Never using the sourest exorcism   
In its funerary occupation.

Blistering the hands of fresh corpses, 
It lunches on the rottenness of fat pupae,  
Hydropic, it dines out gnawing at the thin guts.
Ah! The rotten meat is for him,
And in the inventory of rich matter, 
The biggest portion is for his son.

 Peter O' Neill's recent offering, 'The Elm Tree', (Lapwing Publications), can be found here 

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