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Saturday 7 June 2014

D M Mitchell (Dave Mitchell)


voices coming from inside people walked into mineral deposits walls pulsated like flesh they that admitted only the oppressive purple glow from the black were dependent on the ambient feel of evil and aggravated sun

 it crawled and writhed above dimly glimpsed through the frenzy of 
overwrought minds seeking the furthest sin

filthy glass

about forty feet below him moved figures partially visible he watched with the shameless innocence of one whose mind from this altitude. . . . mercifully

most of them were resilient and free unbowed by the superimposed terrific weight were at least semi-human moving in lines and columns of moral theory

one simple unconscionable coition was far more others were too large incomplete or otherwise malformed to be satisfactory he was convinced than the utmost paroxysm of these human

he pulled back, suddenly shocked by something he’d seen things introverted and tortured by their own conceptualization of evil which he thought had also spotted him he edged soul said to me you are hanging up your misery

round the gallery away from it into a long corridor but that peg it belongs to me brother as long as of steel and glass glowing slightly with twilight's last gleaming

you burn you belong to life you say you want

he could feel something bearing down on him a feeling with you in the beyond forget the beyond

expectation and apprehension crawling from the base of his flesh to rest and thus reach the beyond in spine

a low droning growing with the realisation that this  stillness shall  alight here thrust aside all inside someone's or something's head the interstices of west but desire that thou mayest attain the west when thy floors landings balconies whose geometry mirrored some internal spinal architecture

faceless body goes to earth so that i may alight after thou forms glided silently past eye-like windows in abstract postures of art dead upon you

then will we make united sexual abandon a large reptilian form twined in and out an abode together we shall form the abode

he stopped his attention of the superstructure semi-tangible and flickering dissolving into the brickwork caught by an object within an alcove shrouded in shadows like a blurred sepia photograph

these were embodied memories cast by a flickering torch

walking closer emotions welled up prehistoric states externalised as will disclaim the thing apparently oblivious of his presence

every now you ibadan, running splash of rust silence and then he could catch red flashes of its lips cabin the twirling mountains of the river and the tongue

from its increased grunts of satisfaction it was cool waters overhung with mist cast your bangles evident that it was nearing the orifice that was its/your presence i rediscovered your name and came into your objective

i consume the true source in sustaining the shadow

arms it is dark now and grave

at last he woke the other hungry for torment deeper than death i destroy reached the corridor and turned the handle

he couldn't bring the soul in its husk thus you will never arrive

endure himself to look back along the rows of lost soulless my soul assist in the creation of my divine heir orifices waiting concealed for the next unsuspecting passer-by

was this he will present the offering rising from the tomb on the the only purpose of their half-existence  if so then day of burial

he will install himself in everlastingness though womanish how much of it must remain merely an absence

the next head was tilted in his direction she no more recognized chamber was empty and lit only by a sputtering neon tube for what he was than if he had been overhead.

for the first time since waking could hear a wooden thing the whites of her eyes alone were noises from the main body of the building

he realised visible so that they were like the blind stony eyes at last where he was trapped it was not of a statue.

the thing went further other procedures were resorted who was dreaming but somebody else he had unwittingly walked to

various sexual processes were illustrated which men corrupted  into somebody else's dream but whose

the building was slippery their inhibitions have dreamed vilely of for long ages but inconsistent like an escher drawing the further on have never tried

they dare to think them only walked the bigger and more confusing it became beyond the flickering their most secret most contaminated thoughts

he was interested but room was a balcony overlooking an impossibly huge assembly-hall which not enthralled any sense of sin

these were stretched upward to a vaulted baroque space from its axis a giant crawling centipede reared he ran from the wing into the bowels of the bulk

in the shadow of its base were two rotundities building half fancied that he heard clumsy feet trudging black candles burnt their flames steadily and fiercely in the after him as he searched

eventually he stood at stifled air inverted crosses lined the altar rails

what my soul the end of a corridor hung about with black drapes said to me cast complaint upon the peg

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  1. Merciful moral theory!
    forget the beyond / fault the baroque[n] vault
    forget the furthest sin
    now and grave
    upon the peg