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Wednesday 18 January 2012

6 Poems- Craig Podmore

Inflation: We Are Safe

Pointless savagery,

Bankers eating plates of children

And the proletariat gutting silly idealisms

For their frivolous self-righteous-modern-fallacies.


The maggot in the decomposing gums

Raping the sadness –

In your lens, Myra Hindley is a backward saint.

Birth, Ascension

In the spit

It sodomised and bludgeoned

All of what made it,

A misanthrope –

God’s hands were blood stained when its mother cried.

Hence, the noose, the torn rope…

A Brutal Fucking Smacking

A bruised face tells the truth

That we as human beings

Tend to the suffering

In order to seek meaning in the flesh

And its questionable existence.


Inseparable is the marriage of martyrdom and human brutalism –

Every act of violence is a menacing mirror

To what we find as glorious, possessive and frightening.

A Bloodbath Makes More Sense Than The Sign of The Cross

Sisyphus stitch marks on my hands,

Prometheus in the ether

Chewing deities of my salvation

To a mass of discarded meat.

Just when I thought God may have answered one of my silly prayers.

Craig Podmore is from Manchester, UK. Erbacce-Press published his first book, I Am a Gun in 2009 and his second collection entitled The Abattoir Heavens and The Holy Ghost back in mid 2010. Most recently, his first full-length poetry collection with NeoPoiesis Press, Love Notes From A Soldier’s Diary was released in the summer of 2011. Also, he has currently self-published his first novella, The Symmetries of Pain and another full length poetry collection entitled The Hell in Me, the Hell in You is on the way soon with S A M Publishing. His material has also appeared in Gloom Cupboard, The Plebian Rag, The Scottish Poetry Review, Epic Rites, Ditch, Poetry, Danse Macabre, Calliope Nerve, Horror, Sleaze, Trash, Sein Und Werden, Sex and Murder Magazine, Gutter Eloquence, Ten Pages Press, Mad Rush Magazine and Fashion for Collapse. Craig is also a photographer and filmmaker.

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