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Tuesday 5 June 2012

Leila A. Fortier


Sensed the gray
Clouds and then tasted the rain~
The cumulus effect of your vacuous being~
Through the rapid succession of psychosomatic
Pleas~ I became deliriously asymmetrical~ Steeped
  Into a soul labyrinth of ritual~ I traversed your meridian
For some follicle of truth~ You were a master ventriloquist
Torn from a mystery~ Grazing upon your angular paradox
I fed from the pantheon of smoking indie eyes~ Estranged
By the slippage of your layered disguise~ The result
Of this synthesis only absolute nothingness
…And the point of no return…

~The Haunting~

Knew not the
Weight nor consequence
Of this haunting~ No fathoming the
Euphoric agony of this evisceration~ This
Severing of self- Inhaled into the vapor of your
Apparition~ Inducted into your holy rite of confusion~
I am but the perfected nothing of your conjurings~ The
Summoned uninvited~ The kneeling unseen of all your
Abandon imaginings~ Cast into your world of quiet
Delirium as the neglected byproduct of some
Unfathomable grace~ This sacred
Void that has become my
Prison of liberation~
Where I am but
A silent
…Your every exhale…

~Profound Unexplained~

Come like a
Magnetic whisper~
The vanishing ink of an
Invisible tattoo~ A space unmarked
With punctuation~ Missives in Morse code
Stirring me into inexpressible delirium~ No
Sleeping to be had within this waking dream
Your Kafkaesque vicissitudes tinged with
Mystery~ The limpid luster of the
Profound unexplained

 Leila A. Fortier is a poet, artist, and photographer currently residing on the remote island of Okinawa Japan. Her unique visual poetry is the specially crafted formation of abstract designs, often accompanied by her own multi-medium forms of art, photography, and spoken performance. Much of her work has been translated into French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, German, Hindi and Japanese in a rapidly growing project to raise global unity and understanding through the cultural diversity of poetry and literature. A complete listing of her published works can be found at:

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  1. highly sensual work written a language which pinpoints positions on the body which oscillate between pleasure and pain, the one you love is never far, absences delicious which pain the painter's words.... my preference for the last which aches, pulls, lusters...