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Sunday 30 September 2012

Craig Podmore

Lazarus Is A Proletariat
Shackled in uterus,
Born in an ash-like residue
Dispersed by fires of the modern mob.
His womb –
A billboard advertising abortion
With a smiling model: fuck-worthy.
Resurrected due to selfishness
And vanity; Lazarus is televised,
Dressed in fashionable cloth and take away stains.
He knows how invaluable life really is:
“God did not bless me with life again,
He has given me penance, which I am to
Persevere life again but instead,
I’m going to embrace the vicious pulp
Of this degenerate specimen.”
He goes on to beating apes to death.
He watches endless bullfights.
Hits the red light district.
Ravishes cocaine at church altars.
Sells arms to the third worlds
As well as collect benefits
Because after all,
Lazarus is a proletariat. 

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