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Thursday 1 November 2012

PD Lyons

No One Knows The Secrets Of Our Lives

Random moment somewhere ago
Summer tip-toe naked peers
Over our sweating shoulders
Amazed by shapes of all that is
Between us

Blood beating hearts
Shadowed stains gold
Heavy trees humidity
Curls smoky sea of stars
Spread wet across fantastic thighs
Beneath all the eyes of everything
Invisible mother of lost compassions

…and if every dance again could be of honest flesh
and every god be born again of woman?

Anorexia Nervosa

she has been
to me
and in serving
i make an art,
of that which
have been forbidden
i express
on my tight
a tale
everyone wants
to interpret
i cling to it
like a charm
she has been
to me
with secret dark
eyes closed
a sea
of objects
so safe
she does not
move me
but rather
causes me
to linger
tip toe
from eternity
she has been
to me
this ornamental flesh
a power
always yearned for
and i would
cut myself
for her
but this she
does not
ask for

Youth, Yoga, And Reincarnation/ for Diane

I am the darker mother
Walking away
The time is noon
The world in flames
We talk
You listen
But tears cannot bring us together
Our flesh not bound
By such things
I am the darker mother
Walking away
We shall not meet again

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