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Sunday 2 December 2012

Neil Ellman

Eyes in the Heat 

(after the painting by Jackson Pollock)

Through fire and blistering heat
blinding light and withering flame
eyes gather shadows
metamorphoses in a blink
as if they were alive
pale presentiments taking form
slithering out of darkness
into sight
becoming and becoming
through heat
eyes make a universe
from night.

Prophet I

(after the painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat)
He who presumes, surmises
from tea leaves
scattered on a table-top
chants and premonitions
on hollow drums, devotions
in numbers and charts
from the feathers of a dying bird
falling to earth
in a senseless heap
he sees in the licks
of a crackling flame
the future known, now
and always was
the dive of a falcon
on a puerile prey
turning blood to wine
then flesh
he touches divinity
as if it were his.

Elegy for the Spanish Republic, No. 110,
Easter Day

(after the painting by Robert Motherwell)

First, the silence of grass
green scent of peace
a willowing breeze
becoming wind
kettling like buzzards
for the not-quite dead
to die
only always boys
with pitchforks and bayonets
black smoke
trigger-cocked arms
embracing shapeless dreams

again, as always
soaring on vulturous wings
they come
shedding bombs
feather-barbs and -vanes
fracturing space
splitting air with steel

finally, again
the wind through silent grass
littered with metal
graves grown over
you who are neither
living nor dead
beginning nor end
for you no epitaphs.


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