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Tuesday 29 January 2013

David Mac

Love, Like Death, Is Hard To Explain

The ages are limping birds
with broken wings

The ages are bones with
no place to go

The ages are your smile, my love
and all that black lipstick

But death hangs in the trees
all day long

And sometimes it sings


Alone You Start To Smile

Loneliness is
the edge of nowhere
Loneliness is
outside of the crowd
Loneliness is just
lost in flesh
And loneliness
is a bar
first thing in the morning
Loneliness is
nowhere to go
Loneliness is the night
but more so the day
Loneliness is a room
is dead walls
is a window without a view
Loneliness is a job
that wants to kill you
is an empty wallet
Loneliness is
mad as babies
hidden as clouds
Loneliness a stone
in the sun
cracks in a desert
the hills and
my black shadows and
all they remember
But loneliness
a man
on top
of the world

She Said Hell

She said hell, or
at least she
wanted to.
She wanted to
but could not,
so we went outside.
And it was the town
that said it,
It was the town
that said it, like
we all wanted to.
And everyone in it,
moved, stained red,
living for nothing,
dying for it all.
She said hell,
because we could not.
We could not.
Would not.
And the birds
stabbed holes in the skies
you wouldn’t believe.
White light shone
down to all this
you wouldn’t believe...

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