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Friday 5 July 2013

Peter Marra

Possible Scenarios
For A Midnight Mass

Plausible 1

the body came to rest
abruptly at her hips

she was one of the women
i saw skinny-dipping by
the waterfall
in the woods in the new york mountains
as dark sheets of breathing flesh
enclosed us
membrane accusing

there were 3
naked female swimmers
& they craved
the sunlight
wrapped it up & delivered it 
water droplets shiny in a nest of pubic hair

what was always denied to us
the camera tripod collapsed as they approached
the beauty of obscenities
imagine pussy taste
an electric fizzz
the mildew smell of the plants mixed
with organic lust
raspy voiced they murmured
secrets about rituals
her haunted house thrilled her sexually
synthesized a mask of pure pleasure
bright rings of lust
as she held her pornographic films
up for admiration

Plausible 2

fun in
the parking lot
wash my hands & eyes of them
they washed their hands of me
& flooded my eyes with
plasma touch
grinning out of fear
almost touching one another through the inside
as the dirty mattress burned with their love
she couldn't help but moan
she couldn’t help but laugh
as the body convulsed
she relaxed her grip & it went limp
gray & white

she lay in the back seat
masturbating while smoking a marlboro
w/ venial sin dangling from her pale lips
a mouthful of candy
drunk on the odor of black tobacco cunt-juice & semen
she told me about the ballerina’s corpse in the trunk
start the car I’ll tell you where to drive
idle the motor until I say floor it
unrestrained unregulated by law
gun it when the vice squad appears
“open your mouth wide”

Plausible 3

She shuddered.
nothing but six inch heels
excited her so
strong legs
lick loins & hum
eyes slipped down around
her calves
finishing at a certain temperature
"& she likes it."
leading to anemic metaphorical usage
economic slimy cream next to her &
they met via the human body
a mutual refusal to consume
she shows him her tits
& sticks out her tongue

“I like ‘em pinched
& lightly bitten, such are consumers”

mouth fussing with excitement
she touched his face before
leaving him with
a mouthful of ceremonies
she let him touch her labia
& fondle her mucous
so she could leave her scent 
laughing out the window
just bait for a trap
his body was found stuffed in a wooden barrel
behind the garage.
decayed. unidentifiable.
involved snake handling

female 5’ 10” long black hair
36c - 21 – 36 (like liz taylor in her prime)
approach with extreme caution
(i can always ask for forgiveness)

anonymity of sexual partners
sexual fantasy benefits
the plaintiffs were burned
she commented with a scream

the body came to rest
abruptly at her hips

her deeds were reviewed critically by others,
then in front of her parents,

who were still filming her degradation

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