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Tuesday 1 April 2014

Lee Kwo


Phallic razor visceral engines/the madness of secular adultery/
Self-mutilation of desire felt in every crevasse of neural fields/
Until intensity inside the belly of the universe reach extinction/
Not to precede from days of chaos to nights drigged horizon /
Double Agents at the Piano Bar she isn’t dead but sleeping/
The irony of hollow understanding network of stoppages
The desexd right to alterity the virgin to be broken up and shared
amongst the crowds/The sacred instinct has no story but violence/
The Wife to be beaten the Slut destined to be desired as object
of everyone’s lust/No jouissance here/Acid in the face/
Love is a vacant lot of weeds /Male Cults rule the streets/  

The debris of recent lies suggests crude moral rigidity/
Invisible Page fills in the blank spaces of post human state/
Machinic evolution the noise of a dreams silence/Dream Rebels/
Enter her wounds into Forest of Rusting Iron pockmarked moon
A cellular provocation a celibate perversion of visual identity/
To execute the empty stillness a sense of loss/The evil are elected/
Of violence/self-damage limit of matter on narcotic skyline/
Strange attractor BoyDebris created out of nothing but dust/
Wreckage of shitmess coldness coding his deceits stalking desire/
Masculine economy/The Phallic XX dominates life as a simple
aesthetic pleasure/To activate partially eroded neural networks
to reconstitute disruptive dread is insanity/Chance is invincible/
Outside the flesh/a limit/eroticism a crisis of technique/
An excess transgression from galaxy to galaxy deletes velocity /
What about before the noise of ruptures resistance to exposure?/
The cowardice of abandonment dread robs us of speech/
Self-deception and ignorance?/there is nothing to hold on to/
Life would be unbearable if we were conscious of it/
Going back there in breakdown of past tense to that hysterical
wild girl the woman refuses to understand/Drig stupor of pop tones/

With the drunken torment/wreckages sunk self-esteem the
intoxication of Invisible Pages youth becomes an ideal of sorrow/
Her prognostic situation reverses to her forgotten past dispose of
the prosthetic Absolute Icon as it passes by in flight/
Continually at Front Lines after drought and smell of damp paper/
to search for the original pain that reaches past futility
first slap that rape the eroticism abstract machine fetish/
Dimensionally away from strangulated male dominated intellect
head fuker logic/These are not simple matters of probability/
She needs volt of confidence to illuminate her strides no
remnants of the ego cult/Look serious act subversive/

Rust feeds on the nakid steel Ungestalt scales the wall of paranoia/
He told her of obscure depths the stone of her nakidness fell/
Invisible Pages heavy with fear and vulnerability/
Reveal what you did in cavity of years/All is illusion/ nothing lies/
More than a few streaks of genius filled in/Collision of electron/
Polluted by terror and the hidden line of escape/
The puzzle resolved or dissolved into the precise restrictions
of female convexity/The obsessive passion clings to screens of past/
Addiction forms of depression and anger rush to embrace
Invisible Pages epochal shift/migraine images of autopsy
Painful moments of senseless reality/
The Bachelors severed eroticism/
Her absolution in the pool of cosmologic energy/this is the hope
of her resurrection?/Gasping vulva of the passionate airman/
Invisible Pages sense of closure her freed rhizomic pleasures powers/
The stars of ecstasy drop from the skies harmonic gravity/ 
Attached to the estranged neural rush/protected against an easy
conceived access code/Fascist chemical intervention/
By that Mother sometimes caring for indefinite periods and then
deserting the role for her drigs?/Oh how she loves that high/
The Father urban warrior rides suicide cock essentially estranged/
This sordid inventory reeks its own havoc on the medium
of self-abuse and mutilation the Family the Fascist addiction/
How BoyDebris hated his dependence suspicious and suspicion/ 
Shuffling thru the garbage of personal shrapnel the abrasions
the wounds/The ethics of fatal disappearance/
Now he hit the trajectory of sharp edged bladed cults an
accelerating obsolescence/
Chemically adjusted weirdness bound down and struggling
knife at the throat the best orgasm I had she said/
Listen to your soaring eloquence yr ideology yr intentional
trans sexual orgasms/Junk apparatus encodes porno script
Those were the days that ignorance and decrepit self-esteem
denied you a clitoris/Just fuk me you said/I get no pleasure/
Its not my style says Invisible Page/Prelude to a tragic rape/
As yet she exhibit resistance to the male pump action/
Allocation of space to a normalized difference of
Self-understanding of her fatality/

The ancient knowledge stammering negative the last word
has been spoken/She loves death and life with a vengeance
that remains within justifiable counter culture margins /
A justice of personal values that moves inexorably away from
Western values/She has become a political activist a terrorist/
Not yet reconciled differences conflicts Middle East the public
burning flags appalling massacres inflames her Fascist innocence/
Tanks in the alleys fighting the Military/Syrian starvation and
genocide/Vanity of flesh and blood scratching in the dust/
Not this agnostic iconoclast this anchorite of negative dialectics
Still refusing to drop the mask of futility code psychotic
corrosion she abdicates her dreams of heterogeneity/

Oblique speculations hunting tracks of the androgynous
in her dream of the eternity of chance/
She has plunged into the wake of the Protocol of data Trash/
Weightless murmur the intricate web of nothing/
A barren place where strange attractors hit metal bondage/
Diminished on the metal which senses its invisibility/
By remaining anonymous you reserve yr rights to change
sides as many times as you like/The silent jargon of fascism/
A vicious cycle of vengeful massacres ethics of fatal
rhetoric/The fragments of a journal in hell/


  1. "Alterity"/"The Phallic XX dominates"... like a domiMatriXX... Mastressful, Kwo! (I feel bent... your intent? Worked.)