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Friday 11 July 2014

Candi V. Auchterlonie

chance : she dreams : events homeless : time’s thoughtful appraisal : bramble weeds fisting : cycling: dormancy  maddening fours : bestiality : no, but it is only mankind with mankind : a great divide, the evolution itself : a different sort has become the largest sort : antlered hands : reaching for it all : et al : so many languages to say one thing: something we cannot say : mossed : worried world : dandelions breaking concrete down : crows feet : murderous clouds : a peaceful way : I read about trees growing ears : a dollop of grey : rust in her metal teeth : she catches radio songs : swallows them down : dolls partitioned into pieces and scattered throughout the reclaimed woods : houses are woods : houses are woods : there’s a forest in your room : there are foxes hiding in her hot hair : there are beasts waiting patiently as a storm at sterling crescent dusks : how to make it into nothing : this dull quiet too bright : the walls were eggshell finish : waiting for cracks to emerge : for renovation : reinvention of colour wheels : for the world to let in : for sizzle : for forks and knives : for taking back the day : for the wild oak to ride out the ultimate brackish wave : the six news : wild repetition of the same headline : names like tasteless fuzz on the tongue : cosmic freckles : this madness is a looking glass : is green sea glass : is madness alone : and pockets inside of pockets : and doors behind doors : and windows within windows : and hallways that turn into rooms : and rooms into other hallways : and bare flesh without lines : after all : there are are still children : we know : we know : we can’t lead them without weapons : without trials : without tribulation : without tribes of separates : without degrees of differences : without currency exchange : and social security this and security for that : we cannot lead with less : a man made motto : heard about a boy in the middle east burned alive: taken across this figurative and literal border to that : we cannot get it back : no : and that’s simply that :


directions : intersect : lost and found : paper pulled from hand : so many ideas into that : we could run : run with that : there was always some puzzling piece gone : there is always that kind of frustration : of others : of else : of sense and wonder : don’t mention it : a strip of camera film : a sepia negative that captured his galaxy eye : that is it : snaps : trappings : butterflies : dragonflies : moths : all in nets : pinned to cork : boxed behind a glass display : a hundred days : could turn page to a hundred years : just as well : you pinned the wings : you tried your hand at capturing some essence : iridescent dust on your thumb grounds that dead : no ghost : what makes something what it is : and not what it isn’t : I want flight : I search the airport at night : for a free ride : a way out of all that I’ve built up : a blue seam to pull : that would burst into blue cornflower : a hill that can truly scream : wake the cemetery of its slumber : and dance these bones : I imagine : prague : egypt : colours and textures and scent and light I’ve never experienced : I imagine some great chase : some losing it : and some secret memories : that I’d carry round my fingers as stones : to remind me where I’ve flown : though : poor artists stay home : home can be ancestry : I was new zealand : I came off a boat from europe : our children died with sick lungs : one of our young men jumped in front of a train with intent : no blood carried beyond that man : no essence pinned over cork : but a single archive about a tragedy : or was it bravery : I say brave : to admit your death : when the world says you’re well:

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