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Saturday 7 April 2012

Neil Ellman-

Winter Windows 

(after the painting by Jane Frank)

At the edges rime
slipping through the cracks
bitter shadows
gray-squealing witchery
cold words
hanging in the air
like stars
dripping icycles.

It is the last day
of the twelfth month
of a shivering year
street lights sparkling
disquieting psalms
frore on bitten skin
on shaking bones

She traces a word
on glass
an illusion
a name
frosting over
as if
it had never been.

The Bat
(after the painting by Hans Hofmann)

It listens
for its echoes
in a cave
waits for
the feeding hour
to terrify
the moon
suck wind
and blood from sky
with its maw
and gut while
clicking songs
of hunger
on the wing.

Neil Ellman lives and writes in New Jersey (USA).  He has published numerous poems, many of them ekphrastic, in print and online journals throughout the world.  He is particularly attracted to surreal images and has published separate chapbooks devoted to the works of Dalí and Miró.

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