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Sunday 15 April 2012

Serena Wilcox-

An extinguished flame form clouds
their incandescent stands
become a human storm
In a cold room
at the base of a window
particles of dust adored in gold
morph into children
sleeping under a sheet of their own breath
planted in rows like young trees
in a foreign land where rain is regulated by seasons
(Note: First published in Desk Rage Poet April 2012 (E-Pub))
There Were Two Trees
There were two trees in a garden
Whose limbs were densely woven
Like cobwebs soaked in liquid foam
Separate secrets revealed
At the threshold of a lie
Leaves from both trees trembled
Impotent buds fell
Mute nonetheless
Serena Wilcox  is the author of Sacred Parodies. (Ziggurat Books
International) She is poetry editor for Leaf Garden Press. She has
literary work published  in Ann Arbor Review, BlazeVox, Word Riot,
and many other publications. She was recently nominated for Dancz Best
of the Web 2011.

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