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Friday 19 October 2012

Christopher Barnes

Puppeteer’s Croon
Cliqued in the finesse
Of bestowing decrees, I swallow it
Wanting gripe.
Soaked up by long-in-tooth conventions,
Machinations smart-arsing the no-accounts.
Righto, you structure by hush-hushes,
Floodlight defects.
Kick off the coming bloodshed.
You made trap-doors alright;
In the sewer try bobbing along.
Disorganising Revolution
Inconsiderate – your Simian good looks,
Strew in knock-kneed rain.  Convictions
Of ‘tactics’ gist –
Someone’s tackling to string-pull
The Schism.
War is a gargled-earth malodour.
Muffled drum.  The matter of daring,
A bare anthropological index.
The New Politics Are Dead

Right path whores
With pit-a-pat scowls
Had flesh that made thunder certain.
Sprung, seven senses – they’ll tangle you
In the eye.
We’re divided from gallows.
Unreplenished of possessions.
Smuggled banners jolt.
Dishevelled see-saw resistance
Death rattles treading damp steps
Set forward by the living.

Christopher Barnes' first collection LOVEBITES is published by Chanticleer.  He is a participant writer for and reads at Poetry Scotland's Callendar Poetry Weekends.  He also has art criticism published in Peel and Combustus magazines.

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