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Friday 5 October 2012

James Heller Levinson

beveling the séance daughters

     the ease of unease                paparazzi popping
bennies ‘it was just another typical Monday,’ Kerouac flouncing on vulture moss libations knotting the necktie factory muzzled flirtations eruptive enmities twirls of ‘clicking email, im’s, and sprint,’ the flounder is a type of fish flatter than most fluke provides a catch – provisioning – the ample-abundant – libelous overdraft – liquidity squeamish with desertification – landmarks absolved – clearcut – coterminous compromise – tabernacles suspicious –guilty of syringe 
– uptakes provide up – struggle with girth –
-- langoustine, lymphatic, laryngeal – labyrinthine –
suzerains subdivided & drowsy – art pierces the ceramic eyeball – cataract cremation {culling the formidable} – ‘after all, time is money’ – longitudinal delay – comfort runners – convenience blogs – artful dodgers – time the elapsed casualty – a shrinking caretaking – miscreant creed – full house for the rotting – gear rattlings – career tossings – a subsidized sycophancy –
              -- sebaceous slumlords
              -- lewd doubloons
           -- ‘Then you click Scottrade’ –
          -- energy suckled – then sucked –
               -- vetoed scarcities –
crows feet        hangnail            hunchback
        clubfoot                10q Partial Trisomy

love like apparitional joinery

fusion blossoms            fructuous spears           replete piercings
hinging weather systems spool overlap unison merge
... erge urge purge converge courage cover-age
tools usage forge together ensemble bring
rummaging armies escorting a congress of organs
in avowal ......
coax crest prehensile loan behest
splitting             partitioning                    adjournment
a tremulous colossal                  pinions & rack              attunement
tuning:  intervals/unisons            steps:  taken/abandoned
tuning -- an anointment; an assembling of parts; a pathway, a
– virt-u-osity
                                                                   pitch pouring
                                                               unison froth
                                                           fractal fever
an octave

Heller Levinson lives in NYC where he studies animal behavior.  He is the originator of Hinge Theory which initiated with Smelling Mary (Howling Dog Press) and evolves with his most recent volume, from stone this running (Black Widow Press).

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