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Thursday 27 March 2014

Aad de Gids

suddenly the this

high expectations on this 'dunestry' caravanserai journey
mostly executed at night as then the dunes form incertain
beackons nevertheless hardened somewhat by the nightly desert
chill or frost even,a crust then of loyal sand templates of
walking pistes for camelfeet human sandals soundless progress
in timelessness as this is the ultimate goal of the journey
even if the name timbuktu,isphahan or ulaan bataar sits in it
afterwards there is great reward spiritual growth simultaneous
with cellular tiredness rigidity catatonia deadness for some.
these are the travels of a lifetime gone the trusted positions
of known utensils loved persons tissue noise now we enter a
continuous field of dynamic progress complicated by set-backs
and irrecognizability of terrain,changes in absent plans and
delay what with these endless abyssisles of reeds inpenetrability
and discovery that this also a status is,to better abide by as
resistance is futile rather there is a becoming-plant a hybrid
aggregate of amphibious events and dispersed goalzones patches
of what would be pleasurable to reach a certain rest,a calm



medical barbie the bollywood sensation

a palette of words like that display of colours not
yet washed out still on a contouring floating level
perhaps here and there a letter drops of sometimes
shoppinglists then turn into declarations of war bc
we have had it all now and as everything is valid
everything equally and somewhat in the background is,
devaluated: all is true at the same time as baudrillard
said clearly seeing the circus-y disvalidity of the
highways,eatingmachines,megamarts,our bodies billboards
if necessary for the successrates of the hospitalistic
competition japanization winterolympics of operating
theatres and pharmaceutical regimen the political wild
ambitions of the medic anchors or televisibility of the
atrium as vignette for the newest healthsoap healthcare
nazism series a combinette of weather,mall,media,the
hungergames,revised history and the regaming of what
overswallowed us tsunamilike and mediagenic connectome
of the new chill a posthuman prepostcataclysmic socius

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