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Monday 31 March 2014

Peter Marra

Exposed! The Arcana of 7 Sex Queens

a dirty back room.
the vibrations and fluctuations that resonate make things less lonely…..

1. The Hierophant - Experience
coda/codex for
an idol of pornocracy
a describer of the profane becomes
a huntress of the lovers ditched by her ex-lovers.

soon the darkness. in ebony.
a creature spasmed on her legs it was
a creature with 8 legs it had a face it was
crawling away from a scorpion that
had pierced her with its tail
she burned the book
as people peeped through
hard vision cracked
while the insane ones fucking took a hymnal
they still have it
and won’t give it back

2. The Magus - Manipulation
drain you dry…
masked insects positioned her so her opened mouth
contained some objects
pearls, glass, and saliva
she clutched peat moss tightly
while a bare light bulb crackled overhead
illuminating yellowed cracked plaster
the el rumbled outside her window
her apartment
her safe place

hissing passengers read dirty tabloids
while withering churches looked away
“i can’t”
“i won’t”
“be still”
“be between me because there are 2
talking about intercourse”
she reveled in
the smell of
picture this: it's a postcard of insanity

3. The High Priestess - Mystical Vision
life is ruined by their tongues
over her
she tightened them as a process
arms wrap around it
mumbling something
prayers overloaded
squeezing the reflex
felt like a very long body

truth was revealed as a result of the snakebite
received in tompkins square park
she mouthed the name
of the cannibal prophesied by bloodless tarot
sound of a rosy death and
the aura of her smile punishes
exactly as an individual human
whelping in the cold night air
an electric wizard posthumously
described the ending of
the preceding ghoulish events


4. The Empress - Sensuality

her eyes glazed as she asked the almost insane young
the night air where planes zoom to crash
violently shredding glass with skin rorschach tests of
plasma congealed in
mid air
crouching down
she waits
elongated shadows slide past
her as she tries to remember why
she had climaxed
and what it really got
which justifies the hot pussy driving
as she succumbs to the following nothingness
hopped up girls finished with her
head pointed almost straight down
she rises up to slay the love merchant
rejuvenation wrung from loss


5. The Hermit - Isolation

hot young usually too drunk or exhausted
come play with her
the stops of lightning
sexually go slowly as waves
something you will be serving
your normal ideas yourself
whining right now

it’s lonely over here
rise up and go
knocked over
the drugstore fled with the dope
for her own pleasure

keep sexual
go slowly
that was her only recommendation
law as oral medicine as she was
squeezing the reflex
escaping the existence of
her already sex crazed body and of
her short dark hair

avoid the doors and windows


6. Queen Of Pentacles - Maternal

she became that thing that
she hated most
a cracked doll in a
a thing
whimpering on the parquet floor
in a room with open cold windows

as white statues in black boots
burned behind electric motors
she had spent time always trying to satisfy
she had failed and lay in
swallowed sooner or later your religion
of numbers
or other abstract concept
the absurd is her sweet mouth
or the
quick coffin
lay down next
to her
and beg forgiveness
melancholic and fascinated


7. Queen Of Swords - Sorrows

addicted to pleasing
waking up in
a new apartment
owned by females in stasis
semi fluid crash adrenaline
try to get moving
the tv is always on but no sound just pictures.
sometimes. sometimes no pictures just
sound. sometimes. sometimes the screen is
blue and her face appears
holding me in with
the squeezing clutch of her lust

“i can’t”
“i won’t”
“be still”
“be between my selves because there are 2
talking about intercourse”

that's the survivor
skirts flipping up

has hands
that touch the

to sleep
to dream
in a nightmare alley
morbid saints dance

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