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Friday 1 June 2012

David Mac-



Through the aperture I
think it’s true that
nothing involves us, we
are formed in calmness.

The elements have
dispersed, the structure
is softer now,
the chaos has melted and

sits upon the
head of a pin, so
it’s no wonder people
seek us out.

But when they find us we’ll
just look up at them
and ask:  Are you
looking for sanctuary now?

and break them off a piece,
remembering: we’re slow
as stone and that
we used to be so quick.



Your face contains signs and
Secret transmissions
Giving messages and signals
To me and
Only me

The crackling distortion
From your mouthpiece
Omitting codes
And frequencies
That I will figure out
In time

When it would be so simple
To just say:
‘I’m immortal right now
Tomorrow I
Might not be!’

But your eyes flash and throb
Your lips rattle words
I hear and
Finally understand
(You see, I speak the
Same language you
Have been speaking
All along, I can’t lie)

You look into
Me and
Talk into

Words, words
Oily words

So hurry up and tell me
Everything, darling
We only have
Eternity. We
Don’t have long

Throats Cut


Stay a while and waste me some more.
We are calm as stars but I’m
trying to look deep into your mind.

All this night, all this landscape,
sky, horizon, stretching panorama,
and the water is so quiet, rippling,
silver reflecting, inky us, out here, tonight.

I think you know what I’m thinking:
I’m thinking, by this,
that I know what you’re thinking.

Yet still we remain silent, throats cut,
almost broken hearted;
we won’t say how we feel.

But it’s cold here now and too real,
so let’s get back. This is it. I’ll
take you home or
somewhere that is not home.

Anywhere is home for you now.

You can’t be kept.


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