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Thursday 15 November 2012

Aad de Gids

junglism unjungian gambled forth

so inhumanely cold in the actually darkened stratosphere
yet that it was never meant for humans if only to dream
of an abstract fluidum for “far” and “away”,to drift lost
of personality or dermatologic barrier perhaps particularized
within athmospheres more,differing in barres pressure and
saturation with moisture and that the cotton of the clouds
doesn't feel gauzy or fluffy but as nothing,a cold cold rien
to transglide in like sort of flightschedules of the silver
surfer,always alert to appear where no one has gone before

so ingraspably barren these ionospheres and benguelen
streams loaded with planetary voltage and shifting jolts of
magnetism as amended by the solar flares and the peculiar
eleven year cycles with rage propelled towards the inner planets
first and with the most acuitry,to remember the times before
time with liquid iron and rains of meteorites,basaltous bismuth
memories and pangaea endless desertstretches of blown sand
and turbines of wind and insanely the sun alighting everything
to individual cookingpoints and than the slower calmer freeze

so before and after “aloneness” this solipsism without humanity
a preantropocene time with ferns,libellules,chameleons and
ghekkos,insects and bromelids,forests of mist and gardens of
timeless lychen,where does one thread begin and the other end,
an unaging patch of hydramorphous clinging defining as well the
individuality as the nonexistence of any individuality of trees,
herbal gloves and stonescapes blanketed in thickest wettest moss
never meant for lanvin stilettos to walk upon and to be discovered
later as a fashionista lucy denominated to be the first inmidst all

autark biodiversity mocking already the notion of a humanity
noble and sincere,righteous and ethical,as it rather is the skin of
the earth that's calling the cards and harvests the high rollas of
a primieval las vegas in equadorian camerounian papouan tropical
haven of hellish circumstances,dantesk before dante with myriads
of little soldiers,eciton,saphui,matabele,nigriventris,vespa mandarinia
and flocks of evil finches vampirizing on numbed and anemic sea
birds galapagosing the coastlines of the water-granite line,with high
pitched shrieks and hard progenesis yet never unthreatened nor cozy


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