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Tuesday 13 November 2012

David Scott Pointer

Starbound Stagecoach

With teeth brown as a brothel token,
the ex-soldier sketched an aerostage

above a Texas longhorn stampede
recalling a hot air balloon hovering

over a Union blockade in the war
sparking his brain’s inter-atomic bonds

in euphoria,  and disbelief—pulling
more paper from an elk hide pouch


The Aluminum Tourist

the cryoskeleton’s eyes shined like opium bottles
the Grey Ghosts of Missouri Guerillas long past

wanted his steam-powered Gatling gun wagon
their bullets hit a deer antler ashtray and the

cryoskeleton’s lateral circuitry boards by a store,
And the blacksmith didn’t run an intergalactic cryo

repair center, so he pulled out some ice tongs, and
poultry sheers  pounding out a salvaged identity

for the visiting skeleton on a portable rivet
making machine— the Missouri mule, well,

like the telegraph message costs a little extra


The Math Physicum Parlor

semi submerged
in gears, rivets
and astronomical clock math
                              high-pressure steam
reversible isothermal expansion
riveted corsets, shutter speed goggles,
skin friction fatalities and silk sheets
of the retro futuristic purists

time outs, sub-atmospheric flights

= F x S x G= a rudder turning rate
(repair fractured dreams) counterblow
heat exchange, bone hoop outer skirts
threatening aerodynamic drag without
equality delivered with a steam kiss

David Scott Pointer currently resides in Murfreesboro, TN. He has a speculative poetry collection “Sinister Splashplay” out through “Virgogray Press,” by way of He has a chapbook forthcoming from “Crisis Chronicles Press,” and a full length poetry book coming from “Brian Wrixon Books” in Canada. Recent poems in “Indiana Science Fiction 2012” anthology, and elsewhere.

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