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Monday 6 February 2012

Andrew Taylor-

Goat Spider

Air warms the room
     a freak show atmosphere

leave only proteins
     from the milk

a throwback to early affections

the salt does something
     terrible to shoes

monochrome visionaries
     indifferent to the squall

of a wintry ocean

pet-like names given
     unaware of process

silk steel gathered
     on an electric bobbin

Frozen Servants

Slow motion
voices distant
a silence

There are Holiday Homes

During the week
          there is nobody

a dead area

it looks like a desert
in the middle of the forest

Security of mist
     destination or shelter

there is no lit window

can Ambien wake
          the near dead?

depth of silence
          virgin snow

cello song breaks
     piano chord repeats

masks footfall

Andrew Taylor is a Liverpool poet and co-editor/publisher of erbacce and erbacce-press.  

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