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Saturday 4 February 2012

David Mac-

Silent Engine Finger

The silence after the noise
The good silence
The fat silence
The silence you can’t kill
Hear it?
Of course you can’t
But you can
Silence in the earth
From the earth
Deep down silence
All of it
The silence behind the light
Through the eyes
Underneath everything
Nothing but!
Finger pointed upwards
The sky bends
The bones groan
The ghost coughs
The painting never moved at all
The silence between us now
We are but cracks in a desert


On the Town after a Hit

The snakeskin sky
Somewhere in the town
a fat girl gets fucked.
I slither on by.
Black oil in my mind
a heart of venom.
My dirty bones
my ghost tenses.
I wish to fall apart
to separate
but you won’t let me.
The moon wriggles
like a maggot on a hook.
The stars are pointed, they’ll
have your eye out, son
and there’s no such thing as
freedom if you look
close enough. So
wrap your arms
around me
and just go crazy.

And Love Flows Like Mud

She lay there
All that meat
All that flesh

He shuts the door
Lets his skin fall to the floor

He comes to the hot bed
His dick a mad wolf
Screaming and angry

Spiking her
She throbs and writhes
A pink fish speared

Her black eyes ooze
His tongue flicks
Wriggles into her mouth
A violent worm

They twist and jerk
Wild patterns
But her beauty dances

He juts
Shoots off into darkness

Bodies collapse
Break apart

And after
They smoke cigarettes
Strangers again

No words

Will his cunt remember?
Will her cock forget?

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