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Monday 6 February 2012

Steven Klepetar-

The Woman Who Fell From the Sky

And the sky burned above her
and she swam
through milky flame
and her tongue burned

hopeful and
free, gliding the tree line
eying crossroads
and nests. 
Dust and devils of
and emptiness stretched

across red sand. 
She hugged
her name to her chest

that vivid spell
on her
lips, wide
mouth a river

across the meadow
of her face –

tree above her
a last
pale word, a web
of shade and a language

of cloth and tongues
a gift
found with a blind

hand, house with a chimney
and bell, musical shrub
rope braided with golden sparks
tossed into the careless sky, a fallen
woman tumbling like rain
down into the mirrors of my own drowned bed.

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