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Tuesday 22 May 2012

Aad de Gids-


webstartwo screens,two coldnesses,two warmths. defunction.too cold,too warm,too screen,towards the mal webstar.the spider of the world weaveth forth,its pray radiarydangling,its prayer silent and toxic,obscenely leafyvaulted inside the branches,in tunnels,rapids,shifts.a mafiakiss,kiss of the black widow,analogon ultrathemafor screenisms showing index and lacy intricatenesswhile the other tv screen lateralizes silent,stealthilya sanitized hyperreality pixxelated pixelationparalysisstatic and interference,what once was a testingimagenow became "the show" itself,transcoloured emptyinvasive imageprocessing scanning the touch of theworld intimately as plainly planely planly planlessas ry showed bodily skintouch particularly of theultimate feminin clit innervates 8V next to this thetouch of the screen rather implies an impending imagestalinism superimposition as what adler arendt freud jung still called projection. the tribu ritualizedsuperimposition of assumptions antropo|obs|cene upon the thingness of the tenthou things,and what with the enligtenment and "la petite mort" within heavily ornated overrated oversatiated obscenifiedtiaras&toddlers substratum grown abberant showymendel-mengele sprouts dancing to parents' everyscreenist whim and hulled unbacked invertebraedvisions of laBrea and  avenida diagonale nuit de menace.omertá,the silence of the lambs,the ultragraphic fireholehyperdefinition pornopixxelation of images "n'importequoi",sex as cinéma nouvelle vogue,violence insertedas "the way the day goes",an autopsy on broad morningscreen 10am,whatever you'll want you get. it is new.the screen delivers the snuffmovie now in your house.


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