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Monday 28 May 2012

PD Lyons-

Last Poem Before Oregon

Slept in groves of oranges
Visited by only wet nurse bees
Shaded by impossible leaves
Clouds the drifting shapes of which made harlequin
Dreams disturbed gently by nimble hums
A voice like Marcello young again
Lip sticking fully curved
Remember the time
We discovered our deep lush alikeness
And rose, perfect stamens
A fruit of aching beauty
(for Olga Blue)
The City I Live In

stiletto fingers thorough search
organic testament
piercing releasing fluid
rainbow of bad colours
bread crumb numb
in the aftermath
in the mean time
the dry before place
cruellest patience
weight weight weight waiting
no exit
clung concrete tit
iron penis pierced
willing any peace for any price
for any sense of soothing

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