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Monday 14 May 2012

Peter Marra-


a closed mouth
rigor mortis tight as
sourness explodes into
acid pleasures.

that rip open the air
with slick melodies are admired
for hours on end.
three used dresses shaking
outside the cracked window.

she moaned
without purpose.
a wetness blanket.
she moaned because she forgot.

(bare feet sliced open
a new body for victimizers -
a leyden jar phenomena).

fingers are attached
to vacuum her soul
afterwards they hold the jar up.
she gazes at it
she gazes through it 

and admires its contents
(reminiscent of a glossy
porno magazine
from 1970).

rotten papier-mache

mouthing the word “hate”
as she crushes it with her feet
revitalizing slivers of glass

a publication that soothes no more.

they’re all stored in the attic that she
entered through the rancid pine panels
while she shields
her mouth with a dirty white cloth
sucking back her saliva
so the asbestos
doesn’t invade.

a tight and hot example,
a change is the scientific new way.
a new feminine
gender rises.

a new noise for 
her swollen lips.

a new theory that’s
using mathematics.

then onto the bed.
an electronic
deep slow stroke
that was shared.

slant / slant

“i want you.”

deafness in
the 3rd

final measurements.
jar is reassembled.

the preparation included complex food,
followed by a pleasant interlude in basic cutting skills.

“i want you.”

compulsion in the hall of mirrors

a republished and re-read case of sleaze
try to talk about the
photographs taken at the dining table as
blades fly through centuries of arcaded windows
between the cracks
between the red-white

stares at
glass cold touch as she braces
her naked back against silver
surrounded by a gilt frame
framed as a fluorescent
hiss-buzz kisses
her hair
she sees it across the way
barbed wire wrapped around
a woman bracing her back against a negative form
tracing a disappointment and writing home about it once
white sound as hands fondle her hair
a buzzing so gentle

a shiny victim  crawling
a shiny victim intoning
about the minx in her apartment
private and away hidden hidden

a pushbutton knife,
a switch

careful in avoiding this room
avoiding the 
mistress of posting trauma

the mistress of the reverse
an invitation to one date for sighing

the silken nugget models rest under laden trees
crested with heat that is pruned as pain
admiring the bland landscape
discussing absolutely nothing of relevance
paddling each blade
shaping the forms

beginning to feel both. repeat.
.what she said.
“what?” she said.
beginning to feel both. repeat.

grasping what was curious they were announcing
a time to travel silver walls

painted ebony figures embossed in black
touch each other’s faces
as they walk slow slow

discussing physics and condensed together
as they look forward to the birth
of heavy leather dreams – they could see it - almost

she put her blindfold back on
she put her raybans back on
scientists use her
fuzzy crazy black gauze swirl
caliber 9 things chatter chatter
poignant bitter surf beat

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