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Wednesday 25 January 2012

Aad de Gids-

the refreshing countersphere of abrupt chill as you step out from

estate immobiliare womb warmth and already inside in your knees

felt the stiffening,mahogenizing waves as this ossuary somehow

picks up outer thermal gradients,shackleton amudsen antennae

like precipitation inside the knee inside the real estate forecasting

outsides’ turmoil of seasonless winter as the day begun with rain

and an almost feérie dans les tuileries kind of temperature,then

this tempera ran out unto warmer slides of shadowchill,warmer,

then again the sudden chill falling in the trachea bronchii bronchiolii

inhaling oxygenating terror torpor shock revelation hibernation

pseudowinters inner tropicalismú the europeo wettest summer

of the century seasonlessness this winter already with budding trees

buddenbaums cherryblossoms chill frost on the water the dreamy

walks through the days omittant of seasonality,dreading,in a moment,

seasonality,tropifying globally irreciprocally smoothely indifferently

oxygenating hypoxia asphyxia di milano automobility microclimate

frosted flowers candid colours mixed festives guests astounded

all the knees of all the guests made up with greige tempera sort

of a rodinnening of the unseasonality lost tonality aleatorism finale


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