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Tuesday 4 December 2012

Christopher Barnes

Southern Trees Bear Strange Fruit
Bent backwards from the factory,
Were fantastical architects
Bring off sky-dyed eyes
On Barbie-ribboned foetuses,
Monotonously trumped IQs
And unlame purse-touching.
From the monstrous bucket
The muffled mismatched
-          Africa brown
Antityped with cells
That evolve into a lynch-rope.
Off guard our hands
Dekinked to twiddle
Expose warmth, skin to fingers.
But you’re heart’s ectopic, fugitive
In an Action Man’s air-pocket
Of a body.
I’m self-referenced thunder,
A porcelain doll’s unsound mind.
Poem For Father’s Day
Without letup I’m petulant
At not for the life of me cremating my parents.
A warming lie-in-wait with gongs,
Would have saved me.
No ticklish squeeze
Real coal fires
To stoke the house down,
In the future of being four.
By the havoc of eight
Their salt-rubbing was a grasping ulcer.
This good-effect blond is still black.
Smoulder cigarette.
A soured crackle haunts the room.



Necessity infers me introducing you:
Gemini, alter ego,
Impersonation must recoil
To run a peep sizing me.
I outpost sun,
You disk moon.
Planets or atoms profile
Embossed with branches and bumps.
We’re dynamics of the coincident skin.
Do brain spheres parallel?
Made aliens by static,
Distinct pulses, hand in hand.

Letting Go

Dawn’s look had dissolving views,
Disownment of an evasive trace.
Oxytocin* unpinked her arm
-          The foetus should expect a pyre.
She deflates the doorbell
Emboxed by the transom,
Soft-nothinged as breath catches fill themselves.
In balled-up hand writing, “Dear Sam,”
Shoved kerbward
Rolls to a girlish-days doll…
*drug that induces an abortion

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