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Sunday 16 December 2012

Craig Podmore

Paparazzi Porn Atom
There are no pictures of Dorian Gray
Only heresy and matricide
On pay and display.
There is an abundance of an ugly
Processed by the molested,
With coke residue on nostrils,
Pubis gaunt and public spit on skin
Stuck in a delirium of a
Tortured snapshot;
Show them flesh and you will be their Lord and saviour!
Black Dahlia
Knife warmed up
For the stage
Of dew, grass and decay.
The ink is wet.
Her death
Hot off the press.
The cameras consume her soul
And drain the cadaver.
She’s a sex-bomb of violence
And her final two acts
Cut the umbilical cord
From the stale darkness of desperation
To the savagery of ignominy.
Encore! Encore!

Sleeping Pills & Soda
I am exploited.
Post mortem fame
Next to my bedside table.
My lipstick dyed
Due to my pill breath.
Voluptuous reaper
In the fluttering of my
Disturbed eyelids.
Phone receiver
In discussion to one’s own carcass.
Decay, denude of glamour
As the flesh morphs
Into a Virgin Mary
Of boulevard dreams.
Empty pill jars – the fleshy pith of my soul.

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