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Monday 31 December 2012

The Non Herein- Michael Mc Aloran Reviewed by Zarina Zabrisky

The Non Herein-- by Michael Mc Aloran is a work of beauty.  From its crisp black-and-white photography design to the elegant spaciousness of the pages to the flow of syllables and ellipses.  I have an uncanny feeling that if I keep still and look and listen carefully--for a while--the lines will roll, rise and fall, breathe under my fingertips.  "Forgotten silences--traces to touch with severed fingertips..."  Mc Aloran's poetic realm is sculpted out of buried murmurs, stone winds, empty echoes, silenced wounds--sounds mistaken for colors, whispers sensed as touches, textures of unknown objects experienced as self.  Silences, shadows and silhouettes linger in the oneiric landscapes of hidden worlds, elusive yet tangible.  Everything is out of joint and horribly beautiful. This is poetry: The language at the borderline of music, shaman's mumbling and dreams.  Thus, there is a primeval, archetypal truth that reaches and transforms the reader--through the skin and into the marrow of the bones bypassing the trivial and habitual.  Beautiful. It is available to purchase directly from here

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