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Sunday 11 March 2012

David Mac-

We Are Waiting to Burn

I only love you when you are burning,
When we are both on fire.

The way we spread, out of control,
The danger of our love.
But after,
When we smoulder,
Blackened, charred,
Smoking, and we
Shake ashen debris from ourselves,
There’s nothing left.                 

I told you I was bored from the start,
I told you not to put me out,
I told you not to save me.
I told you this.
I told you               this.

But now we’re soft and weak and harmless
Once more
And there is no love.

This is it,
The apathy has come.
You can’t stop,
Can’t comprehend,
Can’t ignore,
There is nothing worse.

What did we do?

You see, you have to wake
Up from time to time
In the world and know,
That it’s only a matter of time
Before you catch fire,
Before you are set alight,
Before you will burn
So bright

Fist Full of Sleep

On a bed
she waits
with a fist full of sleeping pills.

My love
how to know
if I’ll ever wake up once more?

‘Just sleep’
she says.
She wants to rob me of my dreams

and replace
with some death.
I don’t know how long I want this to last.

Drunk At Last

your face numbs
to the world

your skull breathes

you look out of your
hollow warm chamber

and you smile
for a long second

but you only think you smile
we see the rest

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