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Friday 30 March 2012

Mark Blaeuer-

Vendors on Xanadu subway
hawk their effigy food,
plasticware and paper napkins
next to a ticket booth.
A balladeer by a staircase
sings out the wrongs of our planet.
She holds an object carved of polished wood,
open at both ends, hollow as a drum:
a woman’s torso.
Punctuating lament, she
hits her eerie cylinder with a stick.
We all walk home, hungry.
What Once Was Darkness
Winter dawns,
radioactive blood,
rare choice in the palette
of Erebus
imbued with television glow.
Mark Blaeuer, a gentleman of 58 who lives in the wilds of Arkansas, has had poems in dozens of magazines over the years, including: Asphodel Madness, The Camel SaloonThe Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, and The Found Poetry Review.

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  1. corso tips a beer to Coleridge.

    and that greek god, now on info-mercials...