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Monday 19 March 2012

Sk Iyer-

On the Far Aside

mind prods comely inspiration
unzips a wound enters a world of pain
in deepness the devil's paladin
beats luminous teeth in the fire

fading flicker alters the beach
beyond the black bark of the trees
journey of water continues
and he loses his way

leaches cavort about
the edges of sadness
curls of huge waves carry
him to the calmness of white shore

a bell rings somewhere
the sound wanders aimlessly
riding an argonaut in the air
of the coetaneous urban blight

Kafkaesque Departure

The note lying on the table reads -

In a world where ladders need no rungs
staircases need no steps, every step
is a belief, we believe, our life
is ours, only ours. We have the right
to use it and to dispose of it.

Travelled and lived in many countries,
made more money than thought of and spent
every penny on things that could
bring happiness and satisfaction,
leaving behind no debts or liabilities,
but money enough for our funeral
in the envelope there on the table -
our launching pad to another world.

Having lived a full life we now dangle
on a piece of nylon rope with two nooses,
for us this world has nothing more to enjoy.

SK Iyer, a commerce graduate, is presently leading a retired but busy life in Pune, India. Several of his poems have been published/are forthcoming in Poetry Kit Magazine, Enchanting Verses Literary Review, Magnapoets, StepAway Magazine, mgversion2>datura, Fade, WestWard Quarterly, Pens on Fire, Heavy Hands Ink, Red Poppy Review, Red River Review, Poetry Kite, Poetry24, Sarasvati, Camel Saloon etc.  He is a member of PK Poetry List, UK.

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