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Tuesday 13 March 2012

Sarah Crewe-

Rose Quartz

warm to the touch -
             weather beaten

i found you
slither of silicon dioxide
cake icing playing pretty
peekaboo behind the
water tower

heart chakra playgirl
     pink pearl clitoral

you're blushing
place under pillow
your age a rotten tooth
plunge in water
for beauty elixir

wedding day rock fantasy
          red ruby understudy

fairy dust walls
the city's powder sky
blends candy floss with dirt
perfume puff palace
my little Istabraq

dilute my first colour
              i am aqua rosa


touch wood. her heart
line is splintered,
spliced. mal de mer.

make a rocking chair
from the pier head

skirt slips in waves
parachute dress
jellyfish kicks

blue, compass, moon
mild harmless

never did grow
into her face

eye socket eels
platypus tootsies
canines.crooked rot

cold dead hands at
seaforth freeport

legs thrashing out
kicking up sand
darkside horse trail

sea bed hair
home at last

Sarah Crewe is 30 and from the Port of Liverpool. She has a chapbook forthcoming with Erbacce Press. Her work has appeared at Red Fez, The Camel Saloon, Erbacce, Streetcake, Sunfish and 3:AM. She likes sea air, strong drinks and cheap dresses.

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