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Sunday 1 April 2012

Lynn Alexander-

Prologue To Mariamne

adherence. the appearance of design
without a name, known
still they live

In actions involving other agents, 
In the series of incidents,
I have seen
their seven deaths

progression. in the stretch
to lateral magnitude

Hers is an accomplished catharsis
whose brink is distant
as in
the casting off of rib
adhesions. these
apart to the box
where she is bone

Rapt Venation

These insects bring invectives to our leaves
underneath, they grasp the green
attached to rapt venation

There, we drip to them

rising in their legs
we are brought to bold opprobrium
once pulp, when we were rendered lush
we are at once, detritus
in the dead reticulate
 mesh, we end
and none can eat the sun

1 comment:

  1. thank you for your work at the Forum in Columpital last Monday, Lynn Alexander -- I trust you got back to Pittsburgh wholly well-rendered ?? Well met, till the Time...

    -Ralph La Charity