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Saturday 21 April 2012

Villiphane Thek the Elder-

blind familiar poem

large balcony of eye
with standard moonlight

oxygen of vacant birds
lumbering for each sunlight
is the serious of winter

these temperature 
limping somewhere 
half broken

haircut of clouds
the width of darkness
exhale frozen lungs 
of shattered glass

morning parachutes  
yellow with milk eyes

is mark rothko 
dressed in suicide

his empty canvas
drained of blood

for example:

round mustache of
religion, my 

plastic cloud with tammy wynette 
special effects

for example: if prayer
the extra mustard

is threshold voltage,
is more room 

for example: is free path 
because these geometry 

paint only snoring 
for example: each 

exposure if it scatters
some teeth remain

in the cubist 
their style usually
considered sprightliness, a

flowerlike modulation more
frequency is; 
describe the polyphonic
is time or other oxidation

when blue ochre
anothers its vapor?

is mondrian is 
easy access to
free of painterly

the temperature however
become so argon
for example: today

these right angle
are the other

the relaxation process
the roan mare of
this procedure 

fleet under the
electrodes the, 
the feeble cry

as instructed
for example:   

trumpets the round mustache of
religion, is 

plastic cloud with tammy wynette 
special effects

Villiphane Thek the Elder's poetry has been published in Diagram, Cricket Online Review, Otis Nebulae, Anemone Sidecar, The Dirty Napkin, Blaze Vox, Poets and Artists Magazine, Tupelo Press Sappho Poetry Project, REM Magazine and others.

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