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Saturday 21 April 2012

Peter Marra-

notorious dreams of the lost women

what's next -
the light bends flickers
the space is oppressive
and the walls breathe slowly
it's coming for a slam-pain
while talking of a wonder-fall of signs
kissing the sand of the shore.
“I lost my name
I lost my name,”
she said very softly.
as she stared and stared as she touched skin
and slid down

slowly silently they removed their sunglasses
as shades of desire clutched the grass
ripping it out in clumps. she laughed at the sliced skin
of her hands a hard work that pays off
a trophy for her endeavors it’s the apex of her ambitions

“please talk to me,” as she backed up to the brick wall

Cold barrier felt, slowly slide down to a sitting position,
the damp sidewalk comforted her bare ass as she rested for a moment

“please talk to me. I dressed myself in iron.”

all aimed at shutting before a bombing of a forensic agony
a cemetery for suits of swords
a system of the ace of spades


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