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Tuesday 3 April 2012

Sarah Crewe-

because bathtime will solve everything

stop checking mail.
your two-faced heart will
break. plunge in the deep

no sign of scales,
tail astray. no
panacea or

daryl hannah locks.
scouse medusa. thoughts
wander. deja-vu

favoured place of prayer
assuage guilt. give thanks.
speak to the dead. you

always hear them
laugh. absurdity
of naked hello.

stripped bare. heat rising.
the wrong kind of paint.
who and what i am

distinctly unsure
if a shaved pussy
will solve anything


because I love JJB dirty
little basslines. Anthony Kiedis
LA cock-rock and call Bukowski

the man. sapphic porn played out by straight

actresses. having doors opened for
the curves to stumble into street

because I have no record of a

man chatting shit on a cellphone whilst
piercing the veins in my left hand

no explanation for entire hand

highly invasive six weeks post birth
vulnerable. tearful. fit to break.

because I am not branded in name

or mortgage. and fail to fathom
how these words spell out independence

find post-feminism utterly

repulsive. I choose class over clit
and I love pink. red in peroxide.

set your pyre alight with Chuck’s
and hear me laughing. you can’t drown
me – i’ll float. the river, she loves me.

night fishing

window open and sleeping topless her
thoughts wander, wondering
if she turned sand to glass by
blinking, would she catch a poem

Sarah Crewe is 30 and from the Port of Liverpool. She has a chapbook forthcoming with Erbacce Press. Her work has appeared at Red Fez, The Camel Saloon, Erbacce, Streetcake, Sunfish and 3:AM. She likes sea air, strong drinks and cheap dresses.

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