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Sunday 15 April 2012

Aad de Gids-

la princesse de kathmandu ou de shigatze
being tibetan or tibetanoid is almost on the road to titaniumnization.
enlightenment with an outerwordly glimmer,the quartzes of the
mountains directly as cotissue infracerebralous thoughtinterference
to enlighten the interference of repetitive words,construing thoughts
against the grain,la princesse de shigatze lost her thoughts to love
and the altitudinous soft psychosis to affirm the alpine flowers and
bric-à-brac roads downward or,upward,here or,there.wearing her
ten ton weighing yak woolen cape with the regality of heights endless
deverence or,” developing reverence for divergent intelligence”,to
tip tap on her wooden mules up or,down those flatstone stairs to heaven
and brightest brightest lightblue tibetan uninterferenced skies,the blue
of death and love,and as she also likes it,the mauve of the rhododendron
flowers himalayan richesse,reverential transparent mauve with spots
for the queens bumblebees with blackglama fur coats flying in the stiff
cold tibetan nepalese air,bhutan,sikkim,ladakh,this eye of the world
elevated to greater hights and culminating in mount kailash,the kang
rinpoche feng,the holy mountain around which counter-clockwise the
autochtone people of tibet the bön,and clockwise the jains,tibetan ~
and other buddhists and hindus circumference it,all its 45 kms,to acquire
immediate zumhimmelfahren. ’la princesse tam tam de paris’, la princesse de kathmandu ou de shigatze is wearing nothing but the finest dessous,under her rough and ready outerwear,silken fineries and lace boxeurs des dames. the yurts are as cold as they are warm. tzizu sleeps dressed.


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