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Tuesday 20 May 2014

Aad de Gids

3submissions of a whore

i have already seen la tulipe noire,the black violet
neither were they dark violet hybridizations,no our gaze
was sucked in in the black nothingness the more wry,
where what was black now originally flourished festive
in colour the closest to morbidity and mortality the red
sometimes,mimicking with icy indifference blood leaked
from veins of the legs or syringed arms,armpits. black
flowers are deliciously modern,complexisized,postironic
veritable 'fleurs du mal' yet worse,commodificationlike

confessions of a whore are like confessions of such
oilrigoperator and who knows,ever the two have met,
even beyond or precisely of,genderdefinition screachingly
feminine vs überrationalist robotic masculinity,the whore
in the 'copter' towards the oilrig piper alpha II in full
galore,bob mackie dress cleavage wrongly over the top
so,very very right. the boilersuited oilrigoperator manly
as hell,trying a microsurvey of hookerism either on the
rig or in the bois de bologne right away,boys gals gays

extremophiles and pica eaterists like those black flowers
the flights to the oilrig the cheap businesstalk of the whore
to clientèle,a pigalle of the piper alpha,troll or a mexican
hilariously corroded oildrillingmachine we have to,
bring these categories closer to each other: pica eating
strangest things,a bolt on the seaplatform,the extremophile
when everyone of one of the three shifts is sleeping awake
and staring in the black sea,the whore a dreamer always
even if 65 in vegas or LA,blowing anyone for the mirage

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