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Friday 2 May 2014



confusingly refer/
red to as “iambic poetry”
not restricted to      meter
origins scholars      traced to     cults
Demeter & Dionysus     genre insulting     obscene
poetry”     For Alexandria
intended to entertain, and
elegy even though lacking
decorum both     Archilochus & Hipponax
early exponents
Callimachus composed against
which tickled
Catullus, who
popularized Hipponax     Horace, on other hand
imitation of Archilochus     invectives
revenge and denunciation
“iambos”     denoted content
secondarily metrical
criticized for being “too iambic”     “too metrical”
cult of Demeter     festivals featured     Homeric abuse
commemorate slave     Iambe’s bawdy jests
so abusive     roused grieving goddess
forgets     sorrows     laughs instead.
“Normality     reinforced     experiencing     opposite.”
common element     blame     dangerous
unsuitable behaviors.     addressed to     audience
under threat
cast in
role of     friends
ranges from humorous ribbing     to merciless attacks
as lower than lyric     because
nearest to     speech     because
a “riotous affair”
phallic rites).
drinking     symposium     the cult festival
occasions.     role iambic     played in
society.     was     complex     found voice during
change and     dissent,     entitled or empowered
preach and condemn.
Pindar     condemned Archilochus
“sharp-tongued” and “grown fat     , ” yet
still found sympathetic audiences
Callimachus     following     example of Hipponax
curse poetry     versus
farewell poetry
a politic weapon by     Cato the Elder
account by Plutarch:
            heaped much     abuse
            upon Scipio     bitter tone of Archilochus
Post-punk     Catullus     satirical epigram
with Hipponax’s pungent invective
the iambic poet     bullies others     yet victim too
to appear spontaneous     led to     “mixed bag”
citizens of
a doomed republic:
            where are you careening to?
nature     changed from     epoch to another
            casts off     ill-omened
            turn the sea
            loom     rends
            winning     sailed on
            change hue to a pale green,
            prayers ignored
            resounding with the wet
            breaks apart     ship!
            Lies at the pleasure
            sacrifices     lusty goat
display of     patterns.
The papyrus
tattered portions,     incomplete
spews out seaweed.
the surf, the seaweed, the dog, the
man’s frozen body,     outlines
than they would appear


Ez/Ra Pound

in London
“ before I die the greatest poems
loud brash
“ I happen to be     genius and deserve     .”
…east of Hailey     Idaho     5 years yet born
…Big Whiskey     Wyoming     , Unforgiven’s 1880
…Will Munny     Spencer barrel at Little Bill’s face  supine, 
“Deserve’s…got nothin’     to do with it.”
arrived     14 August 1908.
knew nobody     only fifteen dollars     , no pounds
popular press     agreeably startled
serious critics     seldom     impressed. Unfazed,
Pounded on     promote     by bizarre means.
“     trousers made of green billiard-cloth, a pink
coat, a blue shirt, a tie painted Japanese  ,     
immense sombrero flaming beard cut to exclamation     
single, large blue-earring.”
“     kind but
blustering     adolescent.     Almost ‘arrested’
development.” Punch parodied     “palpitating works”     
“the new Montana poet, Mr. Ezekiel Ton.”     took it as     
compliment wrote home, “London  offered  ultimate laurel
taken cognizance     .”
under influence
altered     stilted language to
spoken idiom.
“austere, direct, free from     slither…

Of “In a Station of the Metro” 

the best locksmith  begins a bit flat:  place, underground,     
public transport     simple as pedestrian directions. 
Only more to be measured     than what is
called upon
Confucius translates Homer.
curt and irascible,     incessant talker,
“     loose in a museum.”
structure of     year prior to great war
1913 edition of Lustra.     others in this node
thinking for a long time.
Paris sub system
first true Imagist
poem was   effect   felt when   “  suddenly a beautiful face,
then another  another, and then  beautiful child’s  then
beautiful woman”  getting off a train
turned radically on its colon     overlay
two images.     double helix
snakes copulating     hokku couplet
“     I tried all that day to find words
I could not find any words
worthy,     as that sudden e/motion.
still trying,
found, suddenly,     I do not mean that I found words,
there came an equation  … not in speech , in little 
splotches of colour.     — a ‘pattern’
a language in color
I realized quite vividly
if I
had the energy to get paints and brushes and keep at it,
a new school     ‘non-representative’
would speak only in arrangements
gone into paint
“     one idea set on top of another
“     meaningless unless     drifted into a certain
vein of thought     .     trying to record
instant when a thing     transforms
darts     inward and subjective
.     worthy of     .”
vision of the blossom
oriental in nature
decorative form of     arranging,
of linear construction, rhythm,     color
.     vase, stems, leaves     , branches, as well
on three main lines     heaven, earth, humanity
poem petals are people     stationed/upon a stem 
“Jug Jug” into dirty ears
underground     horizontal and blackened
branch side by side     faces in the windows
     ancient haikus
“Flowers Faded”     “Blossoms Left Behind”
a simple montage     one concrete image
the modern meter of the metro moves
rhythmic     into     organic space
     there are no verbs
how they echo.

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