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Sunday 18 May 2014

Gillian Prew

From 'The Black Stanzas'

(v) an echo of light/a crimson splatter

In a place of grief – light an echo of light –
black rhythms pulse a half-death in
the glass hours of overwintering. Spring
buds a crimson splatter/blooms out
pollen-spiced/world breathing green
beyond the slaughterhouses.

(vi) their bud-fists/their black-stamens

Each bold bone rooting/forming their green spines
their bud-fists, their hidden light.  Stacked-up wounds
blooming red upon red/ a season of blood-letting.
Flowers/risen-out/watercolour wounds in the spring rains.
The clavicle-curves of the tulip basins softer than bone/
their black-stamens fastened in like nails.

(vii) a red thread/a soft sadness

Yellow spine/fire neck/a red thread losing its life.
Light   briefest chandelier      patterning the black.
World drifts in/a failing language
piercing the teeth and the tongue/      running
with the wounds to the fields. Cattle turn,
with oak-apple eyes/with drowning teats.
Such a soft sadness/the clear scent of the sun
passing through.

(viii) a heft of hair/the sun locked out

Black factory/a heft of hair         a tumble of bone.
Walls and walls                       stone/invisible
stain. Once eyebright/once midsummer          the song
of the blackbird lifting the light.         Here, the sun
locked out/everything endlessly inward.

(ix) a theatre of starlings/the steeling of water

A theatre of starlings/its swirling black underside
a harmony of soliloquies.        Midwinter
            with its tremulous light/
the soft inking of bare places/the steeling of water.

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  1. Hi Gillian/Read yr poems/Excellent writing/Captured the season sharp and coloured/Fine observation/