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Saturday 24 May 2014

Christine Murray


moon crashes through her phases
blacks revolving/ whirling on pages
one month bleeds into the next and
world brings meat as

spider silently kills / silently wraps

summer comes/ red threads heat the
stones/ birds weave soft mosses into
nest beds / fledglings fly to steal the
larder fruits

her weaving holed / she needs heart
things to patch and mend / the only
sound in this silent room is that of
frantic death cries / flies'

dying panic /her lardering is small /
it provides


silence at the window
spider silences the fly

silent spider /silenced fly

the great tree ripples a nest,
it is full of the grappling of birds.

and when did it green when
did the leaf blossom out the
blossom drop off?

I did not notice it.


I am heavy as weighted roof tile
tile weighted with black stones

stones rounded and polished
by sea are weighing me/down

I am heavy like weighted roof tile
roof tile weighted to bear a storm.


It has gotten so quiet
I do not know what to do

I am waiting /a dignity/

back curled to protect
from deranging from a
a point

I move to this point daily.
It isn’t roomy /it has rooms

king is dead.
silence / now
yes / silence


my next move
a chess move.

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