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Saturday 14 June 2014

A.J Huffman

We are Open

wound with no desire
but to fester.  We seep
into each other.  A cross-
contamination so fatal
we cancel each other
out, unite again
and again in a pool
of our own puss.


You Are Gaping

maw of blackness, an encompassing hole
sucking my life into breathless silence.  You are
stagnancy, contaminating nothing.  You consume
until the last spark of vitality is vanquished.
You are beast, master, bastard.  You are bloody
oblivion, covered in tinfoil stars.


I Am Ice

bullet, nightmare of myth.
Probably untraceable, I am hard
enough to puncture skin,
heart.  I am not hollow,
but solid projectile of cold
rage.  I am termination,
linked.  I will evaporate
with your last breath.

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